Things We Make…

Sites, Hotsites, Portals and Blogs

Creation of dynamic websites, easy to update and that work for you, telling your customers and prospects about your company, products and services. Design thought to strengthen the relationship between your company and your custumers. Creation of temporary hot sites, for a promo,  product or service specific with videos, animations and interactivity such as polls, games.We also create websites and blogs.

Virtual Stores – eCommerce

Creation of virtual stores using the best tools on the market. In a short time and with small investment, you can start selling worldwide. We advise our clients at all stages, from the selection of payment gateways to shipment and customer relationships.

Online Presence Management and Social Media

Creating and maintaining company profiles on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube channels. Monitoring: what people are talking about your company? Creating content for blogs, portals and social networking profiles – copywriting. Quick response / conversation with the customer. Promotions management in social networks.

Online Campaigns

Creation and management of online campaigns, email marketing, sponsored links on Google Adwords, UOL, Yahoo and Boo-Box, paying per click, per thousand or per action. Design of banners, links and seeding, hiring famous influencers. Virals.


Optimizing websites for search engines, better titles, descriptions, keywords. Strategies that match the highest criteria for better placement in Google results, Bing and other meta search engines.

Illustrations and ID

We make illustrations for various advertising campaigns and editorials around the world, including The New York Times. We also created the logo of several of our clients – corporate identity, complete with manual and paper materials.

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